Monday, July 11, 2011

Weapon For Mass Hindu Destruction

Weapon For Mass Hindu Destruction
I’m one of the many that rarely watches NDTV, the Congress propaganda channel. If I am flipping channels and I spot powerbroker and paid stooge Barkha, I switch channels. Sensible thing to do really, because what news can a pre-programmed chip give? Still, my curiosity got the better of me the other day and I watched ‘We the People’ on the issue of the Communal Violence Bill.
One knows a robot will say what it’s programmed to, yet Barkha’s stance surprised me. She was supposed to be the moderator for one and she was anything but moderate in her views. No points for guessing she supported the Bill. What got to me was that her support was unequivocal. There was no nuanced position. No wonder I have christened her Blatantly Barkha. Blatantly ass licking Barkha had been lying low for a while after Radiagate. Knowing she’s always been shameless, expecting her to have been at least mellowed or subdued after being exposed was asking for too much. Instead of coming back at least a trifle repentant, her current attitude is even more brazenly ass licking.
Here we are in the 21st century, and instead of going the way of modern westernized nations that have equal laws for all, we are going backwards. So, instead of having a Uniform Civil Code, we now aim to have different Criminal laws as well.  In USA and UK, to name a few modern nations, Muslims don’t get to have their personal laws straight out of the Sharia. They must follow the law of the land. Not only have successive governments in India not stopped pandering to radical forces in Islam, the current government now wants a weapon of mass Hindu destruction. The Communal Violence Bill as it is currently framed and drafted is a handy tool to harass any Hindu who a minority individual chooses to dislike. In violation of the spirit of the Constitution where each is innocent until proven guilty, this Bill puts the onus of proving one’s innocence on the individual from the ‘dominant group’ who can be unilaterally accused. The basis on which one individual is allowed unilateral power to accuse another minus providing proof, while the other individual must prove innocence or else be punished, is religion or language.
Let’s be frank here. Riots based on people’s spoken language have been almost non-existent. Hence, this is clearly a bill to dis-empower the religious majority in the country further.  What with State Government control over temple funds and the hands-off approach towards churches and mosques on the one hand, and Haj subsidies on the other, pandering towards the largest minority group is blatantly done. The real definition of secularism is equal distance from all faiths and nonintervention in religious activities by the state. Why can’t India become truly secular?
Any panel discussion on the Communal Violence Bill, when it yields productive discourse reveals that the root issue is that of (likely) institutional biases against minorities during communal riots. This calls for mechanisms to ensure that those institutions (including the police force) that are likely to be a part of such biases are reformed. There is clearly a case for systemic reform, not for a discriminatory law that works against 82% of the population. Strengthening law enforcement and ensuring justice to all need to be focused.
It is no longer a secret that the person at whose behest such a draconian anti-Hindu legislation is being attempted is a Roman Catholic, as are here progeny including the Clown Prince. What right has a person from a minority community to draft laws that affect the vast majority in the country? Which other country would permit this?
It was India’s greatness that it declared itself a secular nation, while Pakistan opted to become a theocratic state. So did Bangladesh. Now Pakistan has almost entirely annihilated Hindu and Sikh minorities in the country and if a handful remain, they are worse than secondary citizens. Bangladesh is also systematically eliminating minorities and destroying temples.
Since India has declared itself to be secular, can’t we at least expect equal treatment for all? I’ve not seen any foolish country in the world where minorities are privileged and the majority is discriminated against. Tragically, the Sibals and Barkhas of the world are sold out and willing to sacrifice the interests of more than 80% of the country for cash. Such traitors need to be executed.
Barkha Dutt, the way she vociferously supports regressive Islam needs to accept the Sharia herself. If it’s good for the numerous Muslim women it’s good for her. In fact, how about she be stoned to death for not wearing the Burkha and sporting that large bindi?
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