Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Tale of Two Circuses—Barkha Dutt’s Circus or The One We’re Watching?

Dear Ms. Barkha Dutt. One can best describe you as the once self-acclaimed ‘bravest thing that happened to Indian Journalism’ (or so people believed until they saw the real you). After that everyone knows of the story of the Barkha ‘Radiagate’ Dutt, the one that was booed, heckled, and shooed away (at a rally to support Anna Hazare). Before readers think this is another piece to describe Barkha’s fall, let me get you back on track. So, as I was saying, the post-Radiagate still self-righteous Ms. Dutt recently wrote this article on the current political scenario, a scenario described as a circus by her. No surprise that the fake news channels’ latest punching bag Baba Ramdev figures as a major participant in the Barkha ‘Political Analyst’ Dutt’s circus. Predictably, the semi-literate waitress from mafia land is not mentioned, given that these fake news channels follow the policy of making her never accountable, never answerable, and only spoken about in a positive light-- ‘the Untouchable’.
BTW all of us know that ‘The Untouchables’ made a (no longer so) secret visit to Switzerland, but TV channels including Ms. Dutt’s loss-making NDTV did not care to mention that. Instead, some channels did their best to cover this sly visit by Ms. Sonia Maino Gandhi. Slyer than the ex-waitress, these channels tried to shroud the visit in secrecy by posting misleading questions as headlines---Will Jayalalitha meet Sonia while in the capital, the headlines asked. These headlines were cooked up by a genius who thought this would effectively debunk Subramaiam Swamy’s claims of the mother-son duo being in Switzerland.  Meanwhile, the once-upon-a-time waitress and son, along with their entourage was busy moving large sums of loot from one bank to another and investing the money in property before it became declared as national wealth, no matter what Shekhar ‘ShakeNotHer’ Gupta’s debunking theories  may claim. TV channels can’t pretend to not know where their paymistress is at any given point in time. It’s a part of their job to know. It’s also a part of their job to mislead the public about her whereabouts, which is what they were diligently doing.
So Barkha ‘Predictable’ Dutt  speaks of this ‘circus’ that would feature people she calls right-wing loonies and Baba Ramdev, and any one that stands up to challenge the hegemony of the ex-waitress and her servile and greedy cronies. Her circus predictably does not include those she believes are royalty—namely the same ex-waitress and her progeny.  To  Barkha ‘Hate India’ Dutt, an awakening of people against corruption may well look like a circus, for, the concept of loving one’s nation, worrying about national interest, and hoping for governance reform must be as alien as the concept of speaking the truth.
We’ve had a circus long before Ms. Dutt’s current circus---the one we’ve been watching for a few years now---where sell outs like Dutt (for cash and servility to their foreign lords) distort truth and deliver anti-India and anti-Hindu malice---parading as news.  Starring in this circus as major clowns are many of these smooth-talking, oh so westernized, ‘educated’, suave types, going overboard in their slavishness to hand over the nation to foreign ‘powers’ that they kow tow before. This circus is getting funnier over time because the joke that was once on undiscerning viewers and readers, is now on these servile types who are no longer trusted or taken at face value. If one took a nationwide credibility survey of various media and media personalities, it would become evident that no one takes these jokers seriously any more.
Our circus (as separate from the one ‘political analyst’ Dutt describes) features Barkha ‘False Propaganda’ Dutt and the propaganda machine she works for named NDTV, that poses as a news channel---the one that never dares to ask relevant questions, the one that never dares to ask questions at all of some, including this ex-waitress and her ‘PM in waiting’ forever son.  
Did these fake news channels dare to report about the sly Cabinet move that has taken the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) out of the purview of the Right to Information (RTI)? In the wake of numerous scams of humungous proportions, doesn’t the public have a right to know how the only investigating agency currently in operation for bringing the guilty to justice (i.e. the CBI) conducts its investigations? Cowards at NDTV and CNN-IBN only show how spineless they are in their servility when they don’t report this major policy change and do not ask these questions to those governing.  Educated fools, serving a semi-literate mafia paymistress playing hapless widow (see this article) are the real clowns not those like Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev who challenge a corrupt system.
Subramaniam Swamy has advocated that declaring money in Swiss accounts as national property will help get this loot back to the country (visit  for the complete transcript of Subramiam Swamy’s talk on corruption). Baba Ramdev’s movement echoed this simple demand among others. Even the man on the street today knows that this measure will work. Only, Barkha ‘Let’s Not Talk About it’ Dutt and her types don’t talk about it thinking the issue will go away by their silence.
Meanwhile, the bunch of clowns including Barkha ‘Clever by Half’ Dutt,  ‘ShakeHerNot’ Gupta, Rajdeep ‘Malign for Profit’ Sardesai, and others are trying to play protectors to democratic institutions by defining the limits of civil society’s rights and roles. If you ask me, from among these Anti-Fast Activist brigade, at least one clown (Rajdeep ‘Potbelly’ Sardesai) would do well if he went on a fast.

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